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Tick & Mosquito Repellent


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Its time! This was a must have for us for the past 4 years now and was one of our best selling products this last year. We even started selling them in 16oz spray bottles and bulk jug refills 😅 spray bottles are on the way so this will be ready shortly. Tick and Mosquito Repellent- These tend to go quickly.
Hopefully you guys know that I don’t use any essential oils in any of my products and that everything is crafted with whole plants, but if not here’s the reminder 😉
When you see my products I hope you can visualize the whole plants that go into them, they’re incredible in their whole form and so healing. When working with whole plants, you’re often using traditional methods which normally involves a longer process. Lovingly extracting the medicinal properties from plants in a time honored way.
This Tick and Mosquito spray is gentle and safe for everyone, and is crafted with whole yarrow flowers and leaves, Catnip leaves, peppermint leaves, Rosemary and Lavender buds. These plants are infused in witch hazel.
Let’s meet the plants!
Yarrow. I’ve had people ask, if there was ONE plant I could grow, what would it be? Yarrow, hands down. Not only does it help us tremendously for sickness (it’s a great diaphoretic and is so helpful to bring down fevers- if they get to high-not suppressing…more on that another time), it’s also so healing and great for our skin and an amazing first aid styptic (it’s incredible at stopping bleeding and gently numbing). It’s also SO effective at repelling ticks! As well as other bugs. According to Susun Weed (one of my favorite herbalists) there was a study done by the US Army showing that concentrated amounts of Yarrow outperformed DEET. The downside is that the repelling properties did not last nearly as long, but personally I’d rather reapply often over wearing DEET.
The other herbs in this spray are more geared for mosquitoes. Catnip in particular was found in one study- done by Entomologist Chris Peterson, Ph.D., with Joel Coats, Ph.D., chair of the Iowa state universitys entomology department- to be 10x more effective at repelling mosquitoes then DEET. When most folks think of Catnip, they think of cats. However Catnip is one of my favorite herbs for humans (children and infants especially) because not only is it a great form of pest control, but it’s incredibly calming when used internally (just to clarify this particular product is for external use only) and soothes sore tummies, colic and even anxiousness. Then of course we have Peppermint, Lavender and Rosemary-three of the most well known mosquito repelling herbs with plenty of studies behind them.


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