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Sustainably Harvested Ramp Salt from the North Woods Farm




Ramps, sustainably harvested, in the pristine environment of the Northwoods Farm. Ramps are incredibly popular because they taste amazing! However, a lot of people don’t realize that they have some pretty incredible health benefits as well. Not only do they have a high vitamin content. But they’ve been shown to help with chronic inflammation, support the metabolism and digestion and even support the immune system! Another thing I’ve always found interesting about ramps, that goes along with the belief that nature provides exactly the medicine that’s needed when it’s needed. This wild edible green is one of the first to come up in the Spring. Right before Spring allergies creep in. Coincidently, they’re high in quercetin which is a flavonoid antioxidant that acts as an anti-histamine. This helps us with allergies and well as asthma! To make this Ramp Salt we used high mineral Hawaiian Salt. We use Hawaiian sea salt because it tastes amazing and has life giving nutrition. Hawaiian Sea Salt has over 70 trace minerals, something our food can be lacking in because of depleted soil. Sea Salt also has mineral processing, which allows it to retain electrolytes. Real salt keeps the body hydrated and have the ability to balance fluids.

Our Ramp salt comes in 4 oz glass jars, and is $13

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