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Respiratory Support Syrup


With herbal remedies it’s about supporting the entire body and using herbs to support the healing process, not suppressing symptoms. When you suppress, you may feel better for a moment, but ultimately it prolongs the illness and doesn’t give your body a chance to heal properly. For example, when you cough- most times its your body trying to get mucus riddled germs out of your lungs. However, that can also cause pain and swelling throughout our upper respiratory tract, headaches, loss of sleep, ect. It is possible to support your body in healing, while also staying comfortable. In this blend, we use herbs that have been proven to strengthen and heal the lungs (My favorite herb for the lungs, Elecampane) as well as herbs that help to coat and soothe inflamed mucus membranes (for example Marshmallow root because of its wonderful mucilage), herbs that keep congestion to a minimum (thank you mullein!), herbs like Elderflower that support the immune system in a gentle way and even has diaphoretic properties to aid with those fevers. All while being expectorants to move mucus that may be stuck in the lungs up and out. This syrup was crafted to aid with healing of your most common respiratory ailments. We have this blend as a syrup, syrup dry kit, and Glycerite (Tincture).

Ingredients: Marshmallow Root*, Elecampane*, Mullein*, Elderflowe*, Ginger Root*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Lemon Peel*, Reverse Osmosis Water, Local Raw Honey.


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