Conventional store bought toothpaste can have a lot of "iffy" ingredients, like chemical derived Glycerin, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), Titanium Dioxide, the forever controversial Fluoride, and the list can just keep going and going. This tooth powder has a base of Bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is known to safely bind and remove toxins and heavy metals. It's gentle and packed full of minerals. Another ingredient in this tooth powder is activated charcoal, which is highly sought after for its whitening abilities but it also absorbs toxins, which are then flushed (as the body cannot absorb activated charcoal). Activated charcoal is nothing new when it comes to flushing toxins and is even used in emergency rooms. Myrrh has been used for ages for dental health and its been shown to be an immune booster too! The CalMag powder helps give extra calcium and minerals to help with the remineralization process and to help whiten as well. Cinnamon and Clove are antibacterial and give this tooth powder a pleasant taste and have quite a few other beneficial properties for oral health. Baking Soda, which can be a bit abrasive also provides minerals and helps remove stains leaving you feeling fresh. 
Cal mag powder
Myrrh Gum resin powder
Activated charcoal 
Bentonite clay
Freshly ground Clove powder
Cinnamon powder
Baking soda
Arrowroot powder

Comes in a 2oz jar

You can also request a paste form which would have the additional ingredient of coconut oil. -4oz jars are $18

Tooth Powder

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