🌿Packed full of astrigent, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal herbs for your nails and cuticles. Perfect for mani-pedi season, helping to aid in the treatment of pesky hand and foot ailments, or just nurturing your fingers and toes all year round. 

🌿We've had wonderful feedback from nail and cuticle biters expressing how much this has helped them grow back strong and healthy nails, has improved the health of their cuticles, and helped with hangnails, fungus, and cuts around the nail area.

🌿We even sourced real tea tree leaf and not the essential oil for this beautiful infused oil.

🌿This is offered in a 1/2 oz Recyclable/Reusable/Returnable amber glass dropper bottle.

Tea Tree & Burdock Antifungal Nail & Cuticle Oil by HoeMade