"Height: 19 Inches; Width: 6.5 Inches


The Tea & Infusion Herbs poster is a collaboration between myself and Brittany Nickerson of Thyme Herbal.

Making and drinking tea is a healing ritual act long practiced by people around the world. Water-based medicines, such as teas and infusions (infusions are longer-steeped, mineral-rich teas), are some of the oldest forms of herbal medicine. This poster outlines a few of our favorite tea and infusion herbs in poetic, approachable language, inviting you to engage in this age-old tradition by making your own teas and infusions and crafting your own medicinal herb blends. This work is designed to serve as simple inspiration to incorporate the healing act of tea and infusion making and drinking into your daily life. It is always our hope that these posters serve as a jumping-off point, inspiring you and others with the education that sparks personal growth, healing and freedom.

The Tea & Infusion Herbs poster includes preparation instructions for tea and infusion making as well as brief storage and dosage information. The following herbs are featured in this order: peppermint, rose hips, lavender, oat (straw or tops), tulsi, chamomile, nettle, and ginger."

Tea and Infusions poster

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