I I finally have my respiratory support blend available in a tincture!


Ingredients: Organic Mullein leaf, Organic Marshmallow root, Organic Elecampane, Organic Elderflower, Organic Ginger root, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon and Organic Lemon peel ✨ non gmo vegetable glycerin

With herbal remedies it's all about supporting the entire body and using herbs to aid with the healing process. Modern medicine tends to learn towards a quick fix using suppressive remedies. They may make you feel better for a bit but can prolong the illness by suppressing the symptoms and not allowing your body a chance to heal. For example, when you cough most times it's your body getting rid of mucus riddled with germs out of your lungs. However, that can also cause swelling and pain throughout our respiratory tract, headaches, loss of sleep ect. Using herbs that have been proven to aid with lung health, to help with the actual healing as well as herbs that have been proven to help coat and soothe the throat to avoid that tickle that tends to lead to unproductive coughing fits (for example, Marshmallow root because of it's incredible mucilaginous content), herbs that keep congestion to a minimum, a long with immunity boosting herbs to help fight the virus can often times be the best way to go ✨ This blend was crafted with overall respiratory health in mind. These are 1oz dropper bottles and are $15. They're shelf stable for 2 years <3

BMH Respiratory Support Tincture

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