Our beautiful safety razor has double-edged blades and will leave your skin soft with a super clean shave. These razors minimalize razor burn and insensitivities. The best results are seen when you use shaving soap. They are light and durable. They are easy to clean. With high-polished finishing, they are well protected from corrosion or water damage. Our sets are sold with 10 extra blades. Skin type: normal to sensitive When do I change the blade? This depends on how often you shave. We recommended changing your blade after 40-60 shaves — however a blade can be kept for upto 100 shaves. If you notice any dragging, it's time to make a change and swap out for a fresh new blade. How to maintain and keep your Safety Razor? clean your razor after every use with warm water don’t leave it in the shower or tub dry it off with a towel and wipe store it in a dry place or a space with less moisture

Naturapure Straight Blade Saftey Razor

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