This post may end up being a little TMI, but that's okay 😊 Everything I craft is because of a need my family has. This Moon Tincture was crafted to support my body. What works for me may not work for you, or may not be appropriate for you so be sure to do your own research and consult with your medical provider to see if these herbs are right for you! Ingredients: Organic Chasteberries, Organic White Peony Root, Organic Blessed Thistle, and Organic Dandelion root extracted in Non GMO Vegetable GlycerinAt certain times of the month and seasons in my life (like during pregnancy) my body struggles to produce enough progesterone and create a balance. Some of the unpleasant results end up being things like PMDD, prenatal depression (depression during pregnancy) and things like that. It took me awhile to peice these things together, while most medical providers wanted to jump straight to meds without further investigation. When my cycle finally returned (since birthing my youngest) last month, I got hit with the hard realization that something was off. My progesterone! Of course! I had done infusions with Chasteberries for awhile several years ago to help with my levels, and it worked wonders for me. So I started the infusions again and the fog lifted. I'm constantly trying to find balance, with grassroots living and modern life, and sometimes life gets busy! So I wanted to craft this tincture to create the herbal support my body so badly in a life that can get so busy at times. These herbs support my body beautifully, but everybody is different so be sure to do your diligence to see if this is right for you 🥰Enough about me, let's meet the plants!Chasteberries (aka Vitex). This berry is one of the most well known herbal allies for balancing hormones. Its actually been used  for thousands of years and is thought to aid with naturally increasing progesterone production. White Peony root. This incredible root has been traditionally used to aid with everything from PCOS, Endometriosis and even just painful menstruation. It has anti-spasmodic properties and something called paeoniflorin, a natural muscle relaxant. The reason this root peaked my interest were the studies done showing its ability to aid with raising progesterone levels naturally, while also lowering testosterone and modulating estrogen. Dandelion Root. Not only is Dandelion Root known for supporting and repairing the liver to help rid the body of excess hormone buildup like estrogen as well as promoting bile circulation, but it's also been studied to show its ability to aid with the bodies hormones receptorsBlessed Thistle. In the same way Dandelion root has been shown to support the liver, so does Blessed Thistle. Having good liver function is critical, because without it your body wont be able to efficiently remove excess estrogen.  This is another well known plant to support hormonal imbalance. 

BMH Moon Tincture

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