Maple candied walnut moon pie
 Cinnamon Walnut butter (oranic walnuts, organic cinnamon, organic butter, maple syrup) BMH herbal marshmallow (Marshmallow root, Local Honey, RO water, Vanilla, Grassfed organic gelatin), Graham (brown rice flour, sorghum flour, xanthan gum, tapioca flour, arrowroot) grassfed organic ghee infused with oat straw, ashwaganda, and chamomile, chocolate and maple cinnamon candied walnut on top. 
Blessing moon pie
Marshmallow, herbal graham, and chocolate, blue spirulina, beet root powder, blue pea flower, white ka'nani hawaiian mineral salt, and chamomile anthers on top.
Spring equinox moon pie
Marshmallow, strawberry sumac calendula jam, (organic strawberries, organic sumac berry, calendula, organic coconut sugar) herbal graham, cacao butter, strawberry and calendula powder on top

Moon Pies


~Blessing Moon Herbs~