An organic blend of Lemon Balm, Calendula, Mullein, Catnip, and Lavender

I want to shift some perspective on smoke. Nowadays what we think about as cigarettes and smoking is toxic chemicals and addictive behavior, dare I say they've been weaponized. In reality, before cigarettes were cigarettes, smoking herbs was an elevated ritual experience. An ancestral tradition throughout almost every single culture on the planet. Modern day smoking has completely removed every single essence from the practice.

"Smoke is the presence of air (breath), earth (plants and herbs) and fire (heat). When practiced in moderation and with appropriate and wildcrafted herbs and plants, this elemental stimulation can welcome an integration into the body, which consists of up to 60 percent water. The act of smoking sacred herbs and plants is an act of balancing the body"

Herbal cigarettes are not just a way to wean off of conventional cigarettes, but are also another way to use medicine. To support the body, be it in a physical sense by clearing the lungs with Mullein or in a emotional sense releasing tension in the body and mind with Damaiana.

Moon Lites- Social smoke