Honor your large-size baked goods with our awesome Baker’s beeswax wrap!  This reusable food wrap measures 18x20 inches, & will keep a baguette fresh for a week or more, as well as cover a large tray of cookies, cupcakes and more.


  • Crafted from a blend of natural waxes, coconut oil and natural tree resin
  • Includes One XXL Baker's style (18 x 20 inches) beeswax-infused food wrap
  • Washable, reusable and compostable
  • Self-adhering
  • Available in our original Windows into the Still WildHarvest, and Planetary Pollinators prints


For the fresher, savory side of things, this wrap will also keep a tight seal on larger salad bowls and casserole dishes. We’ve even been known to lay a Baker’s Wrap down on the counter and use it as a rolling mat! From Mother Earth, back to Mother Earth.

Khala Bakers Wrap-Planetary Pollinators

SKU: 1841