The ancient art of sweeping

"The ancient art of sweeping, sweeps the mind clean like a perfect brush stroke practiced 10,000 times, each time more effortless and free. She sweeps from her heart, not her head, spreading love along the pathways, caressing the untouched and unseen areas of the parched earth, appearing, disappearing, creating a nurturing container for trees to grow, vegetables to be weeded, tears and leaves to fall, love to flourish"

I was really looking forward to Johnny Appleseed festival this year. Mainly to get a handmade broom for the store (I was excited since like January to buy that broom ). Obviously that didnt pan out but I found an amazing broom maker. He has such beautiful brooms and also makes the rainbow brooms. He's a fourth generation broom maker and is super passionate about it. They grow all the broom corn, cut down the saplings, do their own dying. Anyways, I'm getting one for the shop, and thought it would be cool to have them available too. An apothecary is not complete without a reliable broom

I'm going to stock some of his rainbow brooms and the child brooms too.

Hockaday Handmade Brooms Fan Pull

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