Heart-to-Heart Oxymel

This was crafted with heart support in mind, physically and spiritually. Rose, Hibiscus, Hawthorn berry, and Tulsi have been long used to aid with healing and balancing our Heart Chakra. Physically, this tonic is packed with antioxidants and these herbs have been traditionally used to keep the physical heart and vascular system in good health. Shisandra berry is an incredible adaptogen that not only has been used for heart health, but to promote sexual health as well. Hawthorn berry is a wonderful tonic and is the most widely known for keeping high blood pressure in check, as well as Hibiscus. Tulsi, the queen of herbs is another incredible adaptogen with a long long list of traditional uses including protecting the heart. And Rose, well known for soothing the heart and lifting our spirits 💕I urge you to explore these herbs and see if this Oxymel is the right fit for you 💕

Ingredients: Organic Hawthorn berries, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Shisandra berries, Organic Rose petals and Organic Tulsi extracted in ACV as the menstruum and added to local raw honey.

This Oxymel is sweet and sour. Great on salads, in tea, or even a splash in a cocktail. It's incredibly versatile and packs a powerful punch in both nutrition and flavor ✨ a little goes a long way 👌

8oz: $15 

16oz: $25
These are these stable for a year

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Heart-to-Heart Oxymel