My tinctures (or Glycerite, basically a non alcohol based tincture) are great for all ages and are compact and handy for on the go! I normally start these on a new moon and let the herbs and roots slowly release their magic into the glycerine for a little over a month. First Defense is basically a concentrated remedy that is comparable to my syrup as it has Organic Elderberries, Organic Astragalus  root, Organic Aronia berries, Organic Rosehips, organic Lemon peel, Organic Olive leaf, Organic Ginger root, Organic Cloves, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, in NON GMO vegetable glycerin. They pack a punch and just like the syrups can be taken straight, or even added to juice, or water. Best of all they're kid friendly and shelf stable for 2 years! They come in 1oz amber dropper bottles and the serving size is generally a dropper full per day, or 2-3 times a day during an illness.  

BMH First Defense Tincture

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