Digestive Bitters Tincture! These are $15

Bitters is a taste that has worked its way out of our modern day diets, which I think is a huge part of the root issue for so many health problems. Bitters support the digestive and nervous system, and I'm sure by now we all know how important both of those are for not only physical health but also mental health. In the 1700s, bitter herbs were a common remedy for digestive troubles. They have a long history all over the world as a healing taste.

Now, in modern day there's been an abundance of scientific studies done proving the benefits of Bitters, from digestive support by increasing digestive secretions (which also leads to better absorption), to helping curb sugar cravings by countering brain receptors. As a digestive aid, Bitters have shown to help with everything from bloating to nausea and heart burn. Consuming bitters has been shown to stimulate the bodies production of PYY and GLP-1 which suppresses appetite, allowing us to also create healthier eating habits. Some Bitters (like Dandelion root) support the liver, which then allows our bodies to eliminate toxins. We all know about the gut brain connection by now, when our gut is out of balance the effects go far beyond that, affecting our mood and stress levels. Bitters play such a huge role in healing both physical and mental health.

In this tincture we have Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Burdock Root, Wildcrafted Fennel, Organic Yellowdock and Organic Orange Peel in Non GMO Vegetable Glycerin. Tinctures are such an easy convenient way to add Bitters into your diet, but it's important to also try to incorporate Bitters into our whole foods as well, throwing some dandelion leaves into a salad or eating more veggies from the Brassica family. There are so many ways to incorporate them into our everyday!

BMH Digestive Bitters Tincture

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