Cold Buster tea!This tea is a beautiful blend of Yarrow, Elderflower, Ginger, Rosehips, Mullein, and ThymeYarrow has been used traditionally to aid in reducing fevers and congestion. We know by now fevers are beneficial but at a certain point they might cause us to be uncomfortable which may lead to lack of sleep (and lack of sleeping does us no good in healing). Yarrow and Elderflower have been shown to work wonderfully when needing to bring that body temp down. In addition to temperature regulation, Elderflower-like the berry- has great immune stimulating properties. Mullein has been long known as a lung healing herb, aiding in respiratory health. It's a wonderful demulcent. Thyme, another demulcent (best for dry coughs) has been shown to be great at getting stuck mucus out and soothing an otherwise irritated respiratory tract. Ginger is widely known and used for a number of illness symptoms, for example aiding with soothing a sore throat. Rosehips are loaded with vitamin C and are commonly used to strengthen the immune system 💕These are $15

Cold Buster Tea

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