We all know and love the Amaranth & Chaga Face Nectar. We like to think of this one as its partner in crime for Nourishing your beautiful skin. 

The idea for this was born from both the Face Nectar and the Eye Nectar. We knew the Eye Nectar had so MUCH more to offer than just eye nourishment. So we took it off the shelf, gave it a lot of love, and are now offering a broader spectrum skin nourishment formula that we are soooo excited about! 

This formula penetrates deep into the skins layers and nourishes while you sleep. It can help soften weathered skin, tighten, relieve puffiness, and reduce the appearance of dark circles all while giving your skin the nutrients and hydration it craves. 
We hope you enjoy loving and nourishing your beautiful skin! 

🌿We now have our Chaga & Amaranth Night Time Eye & Wrinkle Nourishiment in a 1/3 oz Recyclable/Returnable/Reusable amber glass roller bottle! The metal tip can be soothing and result in decreased swelling of the application area, which is especially useful when it comes to the under eye area. 

🌿The cooling effect of using a metal applicator can help reduce swelling and inflammation. Think of it like putting a mini cold compress on your eyelids or other areas of your skin while you apply- and they certainly feel good when you are using them. It's kind of like a mini massage for your face. :)

Night Time Eye & Wrinkle Nourishment For Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles