We knew the Eye Nectar had so MUCH more to offer than just eye nourishment. So we took it off the shelf, gave it a lot of love, and are now offering a broader spectrum skin nourishment formula that we are soooo excited about! 

This formula penetrates deep into the skins layers and nourishes while you sleep. It can help soften weathered skin, tighten, relieve puffiness, and reduce the appearance of dark circles all while giving your skin the nutrients and hydration it craves.

The Chaga & Amaranth Night Time Eye & Wrinkle Nourishment is a heavier formula than the Amaranth & Chaga Face Nectar. It can be used at any point in the day but we labeled it as "Night Time" because we didn't want it to interfere with anyone's make up routines. With the benefits of helping to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles- we saw it as an added perk to be used at night to help prevent the puffiness and dark circles that usually come on in the morning. It being a heavier oil- it also stays on the skin longer, providing a deeper nourishment that we also saw a benefit for its use being primarily at night. The Amaranth & Chaga Face Nectar is a lighter, more make up friendly blend, that will still help  protect and nourish your skin during the day. The Face Nectar also doesn't contain the fair trade organic coffee, the sea buckthorn, or the castor oil. Which are 3 of the main ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the skin around the eyes.

Chaga & Amaranth Night Time Eye & Wrinkle Nourishment By HoeMade

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