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Crafted with Bison Tallow rendered from our bone broth, Local Sunflower Oil, and Local Beeswax

Don't throw it out! The fat I mean

Traditional food preparation is coming back as a way to make sure we are eating a nutrient dense wholesome diet. You can call it a rediscovery of time honored traditions. Rendering fat found within bone marrow is what we're collecting. Rendered fat from pork is considered lard, and beef, bison or other animals is considered tallow. These are all traditional cooking fats. They have a high smoke point (important because once fat starts to break down after hitting the smoke point it becomes oxidized= cell damage in the body and increased cancer risk) and a long shelf life. Its an unprocessed fat which allows your body to absorb fat soluble vitamins and minerals that support your immune system (like vitamin D!). Its also a great source of A, D, E, K, and B12 and contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. One of the fatty acids in tallow is Palmitoleic acid which has been found to have great antimicrobial properties to aid with warding off infections. It's also found to be high in choline which supports the nervous system. And despite what our modern media tells us, consuming healthy fats is crucial to overall health (emphasis on gut health) and balance. They stimulate glucagon which lets the body know its time to burn stored fat for energy.

There's quite a bit you can do with these traditional fats. They're nice and stable for cast iron seasoning. They work wonderfully to condition wooden cutting boards and other wooden cooking utensils. You can even use it in skincare, hair care and soap making! Its incredibly nourishing and rich in vitamin E which protects us from free radical damage.

So when you buy our bone broth, and that layer of fat settles at the top, don't throw it out! Use it as cooking fat, the options are endless! I'll be making cast iron seasoning bars with the bison tallow we render combining it with local Sunflower oil and beeswax and a couple other ingredients and should have those posted this week!

As they say, waste nothing

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Cast Iron Conditioning Bars

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