Organic Botanical Scent Oils offered in a Recyclable/Reusable/Returnable 3ml amber glass dropper bottle. 

These are not essential oils. We instead go after a more gentle, skin safe, and environmentally friendly approach. 

🌿Essential Oils use mass amounts of plant material and only process the volatile oils(scent)from the top layer of a single plant making them extremely potent and unsafe in some forms of use.

🌿Phytoscented Botanical extracts pull lipophilic(meaning it pulls out much more of the plant benefits than just the volatile oils) AND volatile constituents from multiple different herbs and fruits to create a single scent. Making it a more gentle formula and environmentally sustainable. 💚 

🌿Asian Lily, Rose Petal, and Serenity Ingredients: Phytoscented Botanical Extract and Organic, Unrefined, and non-GMO Sweet Almond Oil 

🌿Lavender Ease Ingredients: Organic Sustainably Sourced Lavender Buds Solar Infused in Organic, Unrefined, non-GMO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

🌿Asian Lily has a very light and sweet happy floral and citrus scent. 

🌿Rose Petal's scent highly resembles just picked fresh roses. 

🌿Serenity is a combination of Lavender, orange zest, lime zest, and lavender. It is a very uplifting and calming scent. 

🌿Lavender Bud's Scent is that of freshly picked lavender and a gentle formula safe to be enjoyed solely as a perfume oil and can be used to soothe minor wounds and relieve the itch from mosquito bites! 

Botanical Scent Oils By HoeMade