Blue Skies (Mamaki, Lemon Balm, Butterfly Pea Flower and Lemon Peel). This is a calming teafull of antioxidants  crafted to support the nervous system as well as the digestive tract.Māmaki - Pipturus app. Māmaki is a plant that has been so very loved by our family for a long time. Native to Hawai’i (though appropriate for use as it is not rare or endangered). It used to grow everywhere around where I lived as a child, near Pahoa on the Big Island. Māmaki is a relative of Nettles, its in the Urticaceae family. Its energetics are sweet and cooling. My mom used to always bring me Māmaki for tea, and my husband's step dad would harvest and dry Māmaki and gift us some everytime he would go to the Big Island. It was always such a treat. This beautiful plant nourishes the liver and cleanses the body (referred to as a blood cleanser), aids with digestive upset both in adults and infants (was traditionally used to aid with colic) and helps with fatigue. Phychospiritually, Māmaki is soothing to the nervous system and has been traditionally used for depression, insomnia and irritability. Of course, being a cousin to Nettles, it is also nutrient rich ❤ 

Blue Skies 8oz

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