This product can also be found at The Charmed Path- The Geode People in Angola IN!We use this salve for everything from achy muscles to joint issues. It has Comfrey, Cayenne, Ginger Root, Arnica Flowers, Teasel Root, and St Johns Wort extracted in Olive oil. All ingredients are organic.  Applied topically, Cayenne is excellent at alleviating pain in the muscle and joint. The peppers have been used for this purpose for thousands of years. Arnica is well known in homeopathy, but for this salve I used the flowers and extracted them in Olive oil to aid with muscle pain, joint pain, bruises and even sprained ankles. Ginger root has been used for ages for muscle pain as well and has participated in clinical studies for its anti inflammatory properties. Comfrey is another well known healer. Its known for cell regeneration which helps heal muscle and tissue back together. Teasel root has been traditionally used for treating torn connective tissues (along with Lyme! What an incredible root!). St John's wort is another anti inflammatory herb that has long been used to treat joint and muscle discomfort topically. These herbs have long been shown to help with circulation, inflammation and relieve tension and pain and come together as a wonderful gentle, warming and soothing salve for all of your muscle and joint needs <3 These are $13 for 2oz

BMH Muscle Ease Salve

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