Now I'm going to start this with yes, it's GREEN but if you want natural, you have it this did NOT make our armpits green when using the right amount (a little goes along ways) and wiping off excess. It also smells AMAZING (who doesn't like cardamom?!)

Blessing Moon Herbal Deodorant! Non toxic and aluminum free. These are in stainless steel tins, not plastic deodorant sticks. I have not found a non plastic deodorant tube that will hold up (I've tried several cardboard tubes and haven't found one I like yet) so for now, it's a manual application

Ingredients: Wildcrafted Sage, Wildcrafted Yarrow, Wildcrafted Rosemary, Local Sunflower Oil, Local Beeswax, Green Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Milk of Magnesia (Magnesium Hydroxide), Arrowroot Powder and Phytoscent botanical extract with Cardamom.

Sage is a wonderful antimicrobial which helps eliminate the bacteria that causes unwanted smells and has been used since ancient times. Its also antihydrotic which helps with perspiration. Ive used both sage that I powdered down and added to the final mix, as well as Sage that I solar infused in the coconut oil. Another herb I added to the solar infusion is Yarrow. Yarrow aids with eliminating toxins and has incredible skin soothing properties, while it is a diaphoretic-applied topically that is not the case and can help dry oily skin. The last herb I added to the solar infusion is Rosemary which in itself is antimicrobial, antiseptic, and carries astringent properties as well. I've included both local beeswax to both firm it up and keep it silky smooth. Arrowroot also helps reduce smells, that paired with diatomaceous earth which is well known for its odor eliminating properties. It is pH neutral which makes it perfect for sensitive skin while still being effective. I've also included Green clay which works similarly to Diatomaceous earth neutralizing odors. Lastly we have Milk of Magnesia. This is a common deodorant alternative and is commonly used as a spray, however all the Milk of Magnesia I found had a bunch of extra additives that I did not want touching my skin-like bleach for example. So I went straight to the source, and found the active ingredient in milk of magnesia that is used for its deodorizing properties is the magnesium. Magnesium Hydroxide specifically. Its much gentler on the skin then other forms of magnesium. It works by eliminating any odor causing bacteria on the skin. So while this deodorant IS NOT an anti perspirant because it is important for our bodies to perspire to get rid of toxins, it does have some minor antiperspiration properties with the sage, so it can at least keep things under control

BMH Deodorant