rganic Calendula, Organic Elderflower, Organic Yarrow, Organic Rose Petals and buds, Organic Sea Buckthorn extracted in Organic Coconut oil, Rosehip oil, Tamanu oil, Raspberry Green Tea steeped in Rose Hydrosol, Shea, Local Raw Honey, Non GMO Vitamin E, Non GMO Emulsifying Wax, Acerola powder, Arrowroot powder, and Synergy Natural Preservative (Coconut derived Non GMO caprylhydroxamic acid, Non GMO glyceryl caprylate and Non GMO coconut derived glycerin)

Calendula, Elderflower, and Yarrow all have anti aging and anti wrinkle benefits, Rose has been shown to have anti aging properties as well as aiding to reduce dark circles. Sea Buckthorn has also been shown to be a great ally for under the eyes, its fatty acids used to revive skin cells. Rosehip oil is excellent at hydrating and soothing the skin, and Tamanu oil is well known for incredible skin regeneration abilities. Green tea has been long used to reduce under eye circles, Shea is olan incredible creamy moisturizer. Honey helps fight free radicals reducing under eye bags. Acerola gives our skin a boost in collagen production resulting in firming and tightening, and arrowroot powder brings it all together for a non greasy formula <3 These come in 1oz clear glass jars

Blessing Moon Eye Cream

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