"Berried Treasure Liquid Nourishment" ❤❤

I've been making this liquid nourishment for my kiddos because I wanted them to thrive and experience the nourishment that comes from these incredible plants. While I have one kiddo who will just straight drink my nourishing infusions-most often made with nettles and oatstraw- I have another kiddo who is very picky and it sometimes drives me crazy 😅 While we move in and out of busy seasons, I wanted them to have something they could take to get this traditional nourishment while also having some convenience for these modern and sometimes hectic times. Initially I thought about making a tincture, as that would be the easiest to get my picky guy to take, but tinctures dont extract vitamins and minerals as well as infusions and decoctions. So I ended up going about it in the same way that I make my Elderberry and Respiratory syrup, by making a strong decoction with enough potency that they would just need to take a couple tablespoons a day. Then I added the local raw honey to make it a bit more palatable for them, and because honey is just incredible.

The main herbs I used are Nettles, Oatstraw, and Red Raspberry leaf. These are herbs we use regularly to nourish our bodies. They're just packed with vitamins and minerals. I also added Rosehips and a bit of Hibiscus, Blueberries, Apples and Lemon Peel (all organic of course!) All of the herbs work synergistically and come together to provide our little ones a clean deep nourishment.

Let's meet the plants!

Nettles have been used for ages to nourish. They've been shown to be loaded with vitamins-especially C, K and B. They've also shown to have an impressive mineral count as well as amino acids, fatty acids, and polyphenols. Oatstraw is another deep nourisher and has been shown to have incredible amounts of macro and trace minerals. Then there's Red Raspberry Leaf. I think most times when we think of RRL we think of pregnancy, but one of the reasons it's so great for pregnancy is because of its vitamin and mineral load. This also makes it a great food herb for kids, and the plus side is most kids love the flavor too! Rosehips are also included in this liquid nourishment because of their beautiful flavor and impressive vitamin C content. We also have Apples and Blueberries, which give this liquid nourishment a delightful flavor and have also been shown to be loaded with antioxidants. Then there's Hibiscus and Lemon Peel. Children seem to love the fruity tart yet sweet flavor of hibiscus, it gives it a soft cooling flavor but also has lots of vitamin C and a pretty long list of benefits for the heart!

I hope your kiddos love this as much as mine do. As with any herbal regimens please consult with your MP provider before starting, especially if they're on any medications <3 The age recommendation for this liquid nourishment is 1+ These come in 2 sizes. The 8oz is $17 and the 16oz is $29. I can make 32oz by request 

Berried Treasure Liquid Nourishment