Amanita muscaria In a very cleansing form. This lovely organic soap has been crafted after the fly agaric mushroom with pure joy! Although it may not take you to hallucinogenic levels it can scrub away a few clingy dream clouds left over from last nights slumber. With calming grounding myrrh and sandalwood base, a touch of rosewood leaf and a big splash of refreshing clementine this fun soap has quickly become a household favorite around here! This soap is part of my art soap series, which is a continuous work in progress. I hand sculpt the soap form and pour a silicone mold. I try this mold out with a soap pour after it's cured and if I'm happy with the result I create more molds. The process is rather involved. This soapy mushroom is created with an initial soap pour then dipped three times to get the red cap and the dots are hand painted on. This listing comes with one mushroom and Weighs about 1.5 oz

Amanita Muscaria organic soap


~Blessing Moon Herbs~