Moon Milk Kick

We’re on a Moon Milk kick! We got a special device to powder herbs super fine and it’s a huge game changer

Herbal Bison Chili

Thank you all SO much for all your support today! More people came through the doors today than ever before since we

Restock Update

I’m going to try and do an update in just one post since I haven’t updated this page much. Feel free to

New Team Member

We’re hoping to grow our team! Please read all the way through. We’re searching for someone to join our team for the

Major Restock

Our herb wall has had a major restock! Most of our shipments finally arrived yesterday including Oshala Farms! We have some new

Kalua Pork Pop Up

Kalua pork pop up, ready by 11! Today’s the day!!! Kalua pork and cabbage, gf Mac salad and Organic rice plate lunch.