Our website is linked to the Blessing Moon Herbs North Woods Farm inventory. We are still building up inventory during this time and appreciate your patience during this transition. The store front in Fort Wayne has separate inventory and is not linked to an online portal. For store orders, both pickup and shipped, please call 260-373-0774 during business hours (11-6 Tuesday-Saturday) to place them over the phone. Thank you!!

We love your products! My husband really loves the allergy oxymel. He doesn’t ever want to run out! The skin care line is so lovely as well as the tub teas. All products we’ve tried have greatly benefited our family and we keep them in stock!

Amazing staff and owner. Products are all natural and they have a great variety and selection. Their Creamy Honey Lavender Latte is phenomenal and just perfect for a chilly day like today. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Brittney is by far the most knowledgeable person I know on the subject of herbs and their medicinal value. I appreciate her expertise and would highly recommend!

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